Serving Scituate and Cohasset, Massachusetts

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We Mow Lawns Our Perfect Lawn Mowing includes trimming edges that mowers miss (weed-whacking), sweeping walkways, patios & driveways, and removing grass clippings. Consistently timely & dependable service.   

Our spotless Fall Clean-Ups remove all leaves sticks & debris from your bushes, beds, walkways, patios & driveways & lawn.   

We clean gutters to prevent ice dams. 

We Prune Perennial Gardens!
Perennials should be pruned back in the fall so they look neat all winter and come up beautiful in the spring  

We trim bushes! We Spread Mulch!
Our perfect Bush trimming includes removing all clippings when pruning for health & beauty.

Our Services

781-545-LAWN (781-545-5296)